In the town of São João da Barra, Eike Batista saw the opportunity to turn himself in the wealthiest man and to redesign the business map of Brazil and the world. The ambitious project wanted: the deepest draft of Brazil, the largest vessels of the world, the biggest steel plant… This is how the Açu’s Port, which was being built in between a semi-desertic landscape and the nervous ocean, has been planned to be.

For Eike Batista, his ambition was his strength but also his weakness. But the Açu’s Port is still big, its construction keep ongoing, huge bulk carriers load millions of tons of iron ore, and the offshore market started to built factories and to install infrastructures for Oil & Gas support.

We began our activities there in September 2011, the same month the dredge Cyrus II broke in the Açu’s beach and started to open the T2 channel. The T2 is expected to be the largest offshore supply hub ever seen.

The WWR Ship Agency have been there since then. The company purchased lands, opened an office and invested in a port which didn’t exist yet. Today, we are happy to say we are a local reference for ship support. We established emotional ties with the town which has welcomed us so well, and in gratitude, we expect to repay contributing with the local development.

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